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How to find a Figure Skating Coach

Your private Coach/ Instructor will be more than just a teacher: he or she will be your child’s mentor, guide, and role model.

We have many Coaches on staff giving lessons at Pickwick Ice. Choosing the best coach for your child can be confusing, so take your time before making a commitment to a particular Coach or Instructor.

Here are a few things to think about before speaking with a coach.

  • How much extra time am I willing to give a coach for lessons during the week?
  • Where can I fit in extra time per week for lessons and practice?
  • Do you have the proper equipment for skating lessons?
  • Is your child’s goal to compete in competition, or is this for recreational reasons and you just want them to be better skaters and have more fun on Public session?

These questions will help you when you’re ready to speak with a coach directly as they will follow up with these exact questions with you. We also like to recommend trying a coach on a trial basis. Narrow down the coaches you like and do a single lesson with each coach and make an informed decision from there. For more information on finding a coach please check with our office staff who will also be available to help answer your questions in finding the right coach at Pickwick Ice.

How to change Coaches

There is no easy way to switch from a coach you have been working with for some time! However, the following suggestions will help you make or move forward with a change if you feel this is the right move for you and your child.

I have attached a link to the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) who has outlined what a proper change in coaching should look like. Yes we do expect our coaches/ Independent contractors, skaters and parents to follow the guidelines of the PSA at all times.


*Please note that many coaches work together or team teach and that is also a good alternative rather than changing altogether.