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The Sport Shop

Hockey / Figure Skating Equipment, Skating Apparel, Safety Gear & More!

Labor We Offer

Hockey Sharpening: $10.00
Figure Sharpening: $15.00
Blade Mounting: $25.00
Hockey Rockering: $35.00
Water Proofing: $40.00
Skate Bake: $10.00
Skate Stretching: $10.00

Figure Skates We Sell:

Jackson, Riedell, SP Teri
Fittings by appointment only

Bobby Rentals


Bobby Seal Skating Aid & Ride

Only $15.00 / session

Anyone can use it! For your safety, we ask that you follow these simple instructions:

  • When using the Bobby, you must stay within 10-feet of the boards.
  • No free spinning, releasing or launching children on the Bobby
  • No “trains” with the Bobby
  • No kicking or crashing the Bobby

Shop Hours

Tuesday – Friday
5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM